Literary Cafe

I recently decided to take some time for myself and start reading again. I’d like to share my experiences and opinions and hope you do the same. Mind you, with 3 kids under age 10 at home I am trying to read when I can. Feel free to leave comments and suggest books you might think I would enjoy.

The God Cookie: Geoffrey Wood – Heartwarming with a great ending.

Blonde Ops: Charlotte Bennardo – Just getting started. “Witty, hilarious, clever and cute…” the reviews on the back cover lured me in. Eh.  It was ok.

Who Wouldn’t Like a Girl with a Smart Mouth: Erin McCarthy – (romance) Sexy, provocative, funny. If you want steam, this is it! If ever an FBI agent acted like this, I think he’s be fired but he is hilarious and Reece, just as funny.

The Choice: Nicholas Sparks – I’ve read most of his books (NC author for those who don’t know) but this one was a keeper. A true love story and kept me in suspense at the end.

CEO’s Don’t Cry: Joselyn Vaughn– (romance) Cute story with a twist. Short read. Funny and romantic.

In the Land of No Right Angles: Daphne Beal – Interesting experience. Great writing and kept me captivated to know what would happen next. The ending left a little to be desired. Learned some about Nepal, if there is any truth to the book. I found myself feeling like Alex and wanting to help the poor girl from Nepal. Sucked me right in until she kept doing the same thing over and over again. Worth the couple of days it may take to read.


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