Sometimes it is so Clear

As I was doing my bible study this morning it led with this:

When He speaks, it’s in the language of our own personal lives, through a verse or passage of Scripture that just seems to leap up off the page with our name on it. Anne Graham Lotz

I have been praying and agonizing over some things for a while now.  When I say a while, I mean I asked a very trusted woman of God about this before her passing.   I wholeheartedly knew the words spoken from her were weighted with gold. She had seen the colors of heaven just days before our conversation.  As humans we have to ask several times before we listen though.  I believed Beverly but apparently just wasn’t ready to take up my cross.

As I got a couple of pages into my daily study the words that leapt off the page were uncanny. I had planned for days, being without kids or hubby, to complete my weeks study this weekend…to really devote the time to listen to God in my solitude. My ego kept telling me to do other things and I was somehow able to overcome that feeling and pick up the book first thing. 

I know God uses us for vessels in moments where it is right, so if this should ring a bell for you GREAT.  However, I am sharing this so I can be reminded physically in writing how He works and to spread His word.


He definitely woke me up.  I’m still asking for a little clarification…because that’s what we earthly souls do…but He spoke loud and clear about some of my most intimate and recurrent conversations with Him. Geesh, that took long enough.  Or maybe I just never listened for my name.


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