Squirrels and Medication

“Squirrel!”  Really?  The things that get the attention of children.  While my kids, the boys actually, do still get very excited when they see a fluffy tailed mammal run across the yard, this is actually a continuation of my last post.  It was not my intention of making post #2 of MHAC.  However, as I sat here teaching this morning I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of my picture from yesterday.  Someday I will look back and pat my son on the back while telling him, “Now you know how I felt” with a giant grin.  Or I may just be the shoulder that is lent for a few tears – because, well, because I will have been there done that.

So, here is how this morning went:
Me: Et sine ipso factum est nihil q…
Brady: You know you can get Wipe Out online? It shows you how to play…
Me:  Let’s focus on our verse please.
Brady: There is a pizza one too.

Now, I have no idea where the pizza came into play.  I know that he was watching YouTube yesterday and how to beat the Wii Wipe Out game.  My parents have it and apparently Brady and my dad play whenever they visit. Squirrel!  That is pretty much how our school days go.  I ramble on about whatever I am teaching, as I am sure that is what he is thinking besides “Squirrel,” and he interjects with some off the wall thought.  And persistent.  Oh my gracious is he persistent.  If we were ever supposed to do something he would take it to his grave telling us, probably speaking to us beyond the grave.  In between anything that I did the last two days I heard over and over, “You said we would go out tonight.”  I don’t even need to tell you why.  He is a kid and they remember everything, well everything they are supposed to get or have.  Remembering to put the seat down on the toilet, impossible however!

The above dialogue between B and I was actually with him on his meds.  About three months ago after much research, praying, advice asking and so on, we started B on Ritalin.  This comes from YEARS of going back and forth whether to try meds or not.  I’ve never thought meds were the answer to this active lifestyle my child exhibits.  Though when I started homeschooling him and I saw first hand his thought pattern when it comes to work and focus, I knew I had to try something new.  I researched some natural methods but had already set up the doctor appt for the “ADHD” consultation.  We got the script and started him the next week.  We’ve gone up twice on the dosage and as of two weeks ago I started seeing signs I am happy with.  People LISTEN UP.  If your child is taking some kind of anti-anxiety, hyperactive med do your research.  We thought we had and I went into my peds office thinking they knew it all.  For the last two weeks I have watched or read several things on these ADHD meds.  The worst of the side effects I have seen is the tendency for OCD issues to worsen.  Last week Brady went through every spoon in our drawer because they were all dirty and he needed a clean spoon for his yogurt.  No matter they just came out of the dishwasher. He would cover the computer mouse with tissue before he used it – I still have not figured that one out.  First he said it was because Kendra ate shrimp and then touched the mouse.  Nope.  He has a big issue with shrimp and the smell.  Talk about gag reflex!  He has changed clothes, all the way down to his underwear, at least 3 times every day he has taken the medicine.  Finally this past Sunday I stopped giving it to him to see how things would be.

Not really me ;- but how I felt!

Not really me ;- but how I felt!

I don’t want to be that way.  I’m tired of being that way AND, the most important thing that breaks my heart is that I know he probably feels bad inside as well.  I mean, can you imagine how any of these children feel that are made to sit still for hours on end while their bodies/minds feel like they have to be doing something?  I know something has to be done.  I don’t mind talking about this.  It might have been hush, hush once upon a time but I have been told that 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD.  And apparently in the last 8 years the percentage diagnosed rose 42% among earlier years. CRAZY!  A movie we watched the other night entitled The War on Kids has a great part on ADHD and the reason for it’s existence.  I urge you to watch the movie if you are a parent of a child who has been “diagnosed.”  While we are more conservative than most when it comes to drugs (using more natural methods) and our health (listening to how our body feels and not how the gov’t tells us to eat/be), I would gladly urge you to do your own research.  It really is up to us to live the life we want to live.  Our bodies are our sacred temples, those that He created for us and in His likeness.  I don’t know about you but I want to be pure as can be.  I could go on about how food is the only natural medicine we need but I’m sure I would lose you somewhere if not at the beginning. But I digress. It’s hard.  It is hard to raise kids and then to have something that makes it all so much harder – Geesh, mothers should be awarded medals.  Forget those scientist.  We figure out how to get gum wads out of hair, be at three places at the same time, multitask like nobody’s business, and manage to keep everyone in the family alive and then snuggled in tight to bed.  Now, all of that probably does not comes without tears, yelling, or mumbling under ones breath but that is what we do for our families.  That is what we do for our kids.  No matter how many squirrels we talk about during the day, we manage to get through them all.  I love my overactive child and I will continue to do anything and everything I can, even through the “hates, suckers, wishing I were deads, shut ups”…to naturally help him be WHO he IS.  Look, tree. 🙂

Resources:  I’ve listed just a few links to sites that speak about ADHD.  I did not sway one way or another.  It is what it is.  There is so much controversy, as I said earlier you must do your own research and go with your gut feelings.  For us, it is just trial and error.  We are on to more natural methods now.  Will update in the coming weeks.

Synopsis from War on Kids

Drugging Our Children

Long Term Effects

Ritalin Explosion

Natural help we are trying



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