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“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.  You’re mean” Brady screams in the car on the way home.  “Why am I mean?” I say sarcastically to my overactive 7 year old.  “You never let us have candy” he says.  Rolling my eyes and huffing under my breath, because he is just waiting for a fight, I ignore his comment…for the 20th time today.  He continues to mock and aggravate me under his breath. “For the love of #$!÷=, can you HUSH!”  That is not said quietly or with a face that is not bright red. Lord give me strength to teach my child the way that you would have me do and please choke me when my words start coming out and not Yours. That should be my morning prayer before my feet hit the floor each day.  I think I would be dead before the end of breakfast said the Mother of a Hyperactive Child (MHAC).

Our 7 year old has been the Prince of hyperactivity since, actually before, the day he was born. Coming into this life 6 weeks early, he has been a fighter since that day – and not a lover. He’s the one that when it’s quiet you know you’re in BIG trouble. He’s the one that you want to pull your hair out everyday from, the one who causes the most trouble, the one that you worry about the most, the one that you know is the smartest of the bunch, and the one that you know can be anything in the world he or she wants to be… If you can just get the self impulse, hyperactivity, and attention under control. Notice I do not mention ADHD. There is a plethora of reading one could do as to whether this “condition” really exists or how to live with it.

Draw your own conclusions. This is just my account of our story.

We have been through the ringer for 7 years. Time outs, bribes, treats, special conditions, spankings, yelling, yelling, yelling…did I say yelling. Yeah, I really need to work on that. Running after in circles, charts, marbles, counseling, counting 1,2,3 (oh the counting!), diet change, medication and other things. I’ve taken to putting his head in the toilet recently (not touching water – gross!) for his “potty” mouth. Don’t judge. It works for us.  Do you remember the Hot Sauce Mom?  I feel for her. If her son was anything like ours, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing. (I have not done hot sauce by the way.)  Mothers have it hard.  Spare the rod spoil the child. Isn’t that written to some degree in some really old book somewhere? 😉 Most days I feel broken by 10:00 and I’m sure he does too. :/

When it comes to children who have hyperactivity, who are extremely hyperactive and hard to handle, there are just some things that have to be tried and tested because these children cross lines like no child ever has. I know this because I speak from experience.  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have tears coming down my face at some point.  Though these children are the hardest to handle, they are also the ones that can bring the greatest joy.  IT’S JUST WHO THEY ARE.

In light of me letting him live this long 😉 and issues arising in the public education system, we finally decided to homeschool him this year. The catalyst for homeschooling wasn’t the events that happened in the school. This had already been on our minds but the issue saddened and empowered me at the same time. I could give my child the education I would like him to have. Who needs NCLB? Not us, and it was extremely clear to us after many prayers that I could give Brady what he needed.  God set us up!  He’s good for that.   I graduated with a B.A. in Elem Ed and taught for a bit. Hmmm, His plans we never know until they are made clear.

This story could go for days about how we deal with our beautifully hyperactive child. A day in the life of a MHAC goes something like this:


That’s the thought pattern I deal with minute by minute

The picture above about sums it up with the exception of constantly being called stupid, being told “I hate you, you’re mean,” having my ear drums blown out by never ending screaming, saving the siblings from flying objects, making sure fire starting items are secure, making food only for it to not be eaten, and more…much more. And that my friends is only a sample of why I cry each day. Our son could give Dennis the Menace a run for his money! In fact, that’s what our neighbors call him. This small, lanky piece of my own flesh and blood I have decided is my trial and tribulation in this life. I literally sit in my “safe” spot at times pondering what He is preparing me for – help me Lord. It’s hard, and if you see me very angrily and quietly whispering to my child, who is demanding candy through clinched teeth, in the grocery store line; Just say a prayer. We need that more than the comments.


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