All because of Ocracoke

It can only be LOVE that brought us to this point. Well, it could be stupidity, want, stupidity. Trying to rack my brain for another word but am unable to come up with anything better. Short story – We had a nice minivan (yes, a great family vehicle) that was paid off and now have a big, honkin’ machine of a truck in the place where Susie once sat. Susie, yes I named her Susie.

Why did we give Susie away – and by all accounts and a very long sales agreement I can agree we gave her away!? I’ll tell you. Tactics, convincing, little nudges, no brass balls. All those things led to getting in Susie last Saturday and venturing down to dealership row and releasing her into the hands of Mr. Toyota. Mind you Susie was a Honda through and through. So here is how it goes every time we get a new vehicle. And if you know us, you know we just can’t live without new vehicles, right? I don’t mean new more so than I mean without a car payment. (insert sigh)

So, Kevin had this awesome idea that we should get a new SUV because he would like to go 4x4ing on the beach in Ocracoke this summer. Poor thing; Last summer we had one rented and that stupid hurricane came. We had to evacuate early leaving only the pondering of what would have been the mans greatest day. I mean geesh, Caleb got to pull some poor mans bumper off when he helped get them unstuck on the beach. What fun that would be right!? (giggling) At that moment, reason stepped in and I said to my lovable hubby, “Why don’t we just rent a 4×4 again. It would be a lot cheaper.” He kindly agreed though kept looking for a day or two. He also researched a place we could rent one for the whole week (still costing a paycheck though. WOW!). A few days go by and I think it is all done…dun, dun, dun…until MY brain starts going and I see an ad in the local paper. It’s like getting the garden growing. All you have to do it plant a seed, water it a little and BOOM – fruits of your labor. Well, that fruit is now parked in his…her…hmmm…new spot where Susie once rested. I’m a sucker for vehicles though you would never know. I am as thrifty as they come (well, I try to be). I can’t resist a good car buying nudge…”let’s just go look” lures me in EVERY time. You’d think by now I would have learned to say, “NOPE!”

I can’t say enough about the balls I really do need to grow when it comes to purchasing vehicles for us. Gosh, I don’t even really know what it feels like to have that extra money so maybe it isn’t so bad that we brought Lena…Hugo…Rory (google “good car names” lol) home. We aren’t paying much more than we were for the minivan and we have a whole lot more car. Buyers remorse is slowly fading. It’s been 5 days. Can you tell? 🙂


NOTE: I want to add something that was quite amusing to me though I was very stressed during this whole transaction. As soon as the kids saw the vehicle they jumped inside, held up their hands and started praying. I kid you not. It came to fruition. Not sure we are teaching them to right way to pray though (We took no part in the material prayer!). :/


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