Another Attempt – Our Life Now

Well, well…we meet again. Yes, I know it is years later. I am not really that good at keeping up with the Jones’ when it comes to posting. I want to be like Mrs. Jones next door who finds something witty to say each night. Who has time for that!? I have three kids under the age of 10, a dog and a needy (sorry babe) hubby. And sometimes in there I need to find time for myself. That doesn’t happen much but are you with me?

I have decided for my sanity, hopefully I can find some other moms who are going through the same things, to write some daily accounts down. I often times find myself saying, “I should really talk about this with others,” and never do. Then that fleeting moment is gone and another crazy things has happened. Hopefully I will be able to find the time to enlighten you with our mishaps of the day. Until then, just hold on to your pants and read another blog. 🙂

Last I left you, the kids were small. Brady was crazy, Carson was crawling, and Kendra was growing. Not much has changed. Well, all except Carson is almost 5 now and I am homeschooling! Never thought I would say that. I was a teacher, of course, but I actually said the opposite – That I would never homeschool my kids because they would not listen to me. Hmmm, I’m really starting to understand why they say, “Never say never.” I’ve pretty much done everything this past year I said never to.

To conclude the first new post of my blog life, I hope to inspire, cause laughter, gain insight, vent freely, and make you smile on a somewhat daily basis. That is to be seen.


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