Angels and Their “Spare” Time

We had a horrible storm last night while we were at church. Had a meeting and Kendra and Carson went with me. On the drive home the storm was still pretty bad. I was getting scared because the lightening was streaking all around us and the thunder was quite loud. Kendra remembered a conversation we had had some time ago and asked: “Mom, why do the angels bowl?” Me: “What do you mean?” Kendra: “Well, you said that the angels are bowling when you hear thunder.” Me: “Yeah. Well, they can’t work all the time. They have to have fun too.” Kendra: “Well, can’t they just play cards or something?” Me: “Yes. Well, I guess they could (laughing).” After a couple minutes went by and we didn’t hear anything else she said, “I guess they are taking a break.” I think I laughed all the way home! This child is so smart it’s scary sometimes.


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