We have had so much fun these last couple of weeks.  This past weekend I bought tickets for Kevin and Kendra to go to the Whitewater Center in Charlotte.  We all went down but since it was last minute, I was watching the kids.  Kev and Kendra had a blast.  I forgot my camera so we have a disposable.  I have to get them developed when we finish the roll.  I have a couple from the guide on the kayake trip.  They are did the rock wall and free jump.  We’re going to go back when I can do it too.  I want to do the rapids, rope course, and zip line.  Kendra had NO fear with everything she did.  Impressed me out of this world!  I can’t wait to go.

Today she started swim lessons.  Kevin took her and Brady because I have a girls night with some friends.  She is so great in the pool.  I’m thinking she may need to be in the next class up but we just kept her with the order.  We’ll see.  I’ll go with them tomorrow and she how she is doing.    Brady is a little fish as well.  We bought him one of the one piece outfits with t he floatation in it.  He kicks around straight up in the water.  It’s funny.  It’s like he bicycles across the pool! lol  I’ll get some pics one of these days.

And Mr. Carson started rolling today!  He has before from his belly to back but he is doing back to belly now.  Over and over he has done it in the last 30 minutes.  I’m in trouble now.  He’s going to be crawling soon…I feel it.  Man, three moving around the house.  I’m really going to need a nanny I think.  HAHAHA  Okay, maybe just some gates but another set of eyes would be better with Brady lurking around Carson now!  🙂

Here’s to the summer!


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