Poop is for the Dogs

OH, oh, oh….so much poop!  Today is the second day I have cleaned up poop from the carpet upstairs.  Brady wants to make mommy work harder than I already do.  He won’t leave on a poopy diaper.  He takes them off as soon as he does it.  Of course, who wants a poopy diaper on them?  Not me, but reason tells you that he should go to the potty.  Yes, we have put him on the potty many times but he is yet to go to it himself.  Why the heck does he know to take off his diaper but not go to the toilet?  This question has now stumped me twice.  I was totally disgusted today when I heard him saying, “poop” and coming down the hall.  I knew what he did and there was nothing I could do about it.  I was feeding the baby and I had been trying to get him to eat for over an hour.  He finally began to eat and was doing well when the poop machine decided to show up!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have kids this close together.  Interestingly enough, while I was washing Brady up in the tub Carson also let loose.  🙂  My two poop machines.  This is what I decided to stay home for…makes me want to go back to work even more.  I love my children but some days you just have to ask yourself why.

So, if anyone has any tips, tricks or hints about how to potty train a 2 yr old or how to keep poop in the diaper please let me know.  Onesies don’t work by the way.  He just pulls the diaper off between his legs.  Yeah, smart lad huh!?


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