Quick Update

So, 2010 has been a great year so far.  Carson was born end of January and we have managed to survive with three kids!  We have had a few ups and downs but what is life without them?  I promise I will get back here soon and post pics.  Things have been a little busy thus far.

To start, Kendra is loving kindergarten and has made a lot of friends.  She is learning and is too smart for her own good.  Of course, we treat her like an adult sometimes so it is know wonder it comes back to bite us in the butt.  She is starting to love church (yeah, over a year now we’ve been going!) and is really getting into it.  It helps that she is in the Christian school as well but that is about to change.  We wish we could keep her there next year but there are many reasons why it is just not the right time.  On another school note, Brady will be starting Mt. Zion in the fall.  WOW!  Preschool already.  We are hoping that maybe he will calm down a bit and start taking more clearly.  If not, we are contacting a speech therapist.  I’m not so worried as much as daddy 😉 

Brady is still his vibrant, active self.  Wants to be outside all the time and we like it that way too.  When he is not, he is hitting his sister upside the head.  Yeah, he hurt her yesterday.  Not much you can do with a two year old when that happens.  He forgets the next minute that he did it.  We’re working on it though.  Kendra is getting – sorry, has gotten – to the age where she knows it all and thinks she is boss.  Again, we are working on it but mommy and daddy like to give in a lot with their precious baby girl.  Yep, not making it easy for us in the next few years.

They all continue to grow and amaze us each day.  We’ve had a lot of help from grammy too and that is greatly needed.   Without mom, we would probably not have made it.  Well, if we did it would be by sheer praying and luck. 

Will post again soon…


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