R.I.P. Bodie

Our little kitty of 12 years tragically died today.  I almost feel worse about how it happened than the fact that he is gone.  I prayed for Kevin today because he kind of started the incident (though not his fault at all) and he had to deal with the clean up.  We plan to bury him later today after Kevin gets home.

The strange part about all of this is Kendra is being weird.  I don’t know if she just doesn’t understand or if she is laughing it off.  She has been smiling about it all day and said she doesn’t care if the cats die.  Maybe she really didn’t like them..ha but it is strange to me.  I wouldn’t let her see him this morning so she also kept saying we lied to her about him being dead.  It was very hard to deal with.  She is so mature in some respects but I’m just not sure she gets this…the importance of his life in ours (mine and Kevin’s). 

I’m okay for the most part.  I just keep seeing things and places that remind me of him and I break down.  I know it’s only been 6 hours but I’d like to feel at peace about this.  Kevin said there is a lesson in this somewhere and I’m sure there is.  Maybe we need to communicate better.  Maybe we just don’t need any more pets.  I don’t know what it is but it is hard…very hard.  I know little Carson will be here any day now and maybe his life will be given to us in place of Bodie (so to speak).  I know that is silly to say…a cat vs a baby…no comparison but Bodie was our baby for so long.  It’s just hard.  We love you Bodie.


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