Gene Pool of Trouble

I wish my son would have gotten some calm mannerisms from someone in one of the families.  I don’t think there would have been many to pull from other than my father, who is too slow!  His father and I certainly don’t back down from confrontation, though we have learned to take it in stride as we have gotten older.  I have been battling all day with little man.  Well, actually all afternoon.  I try to play with him and he just hits and smacks and bites.  You can’t get in his face or close to him because he just throws up a fist!  What is it with him.  I so hope it is his age. 

He did well this morning playing with me but since Kendra has been home it’s been crazy.  And you know, it is usually that way.  There has to be something to that – and the fact that his nose is a little runny, he didn’t sleep well last night and he was tired I think.  I really wanted to keep him up today so he would sleep well tonight but maybe he just needed a nap.    I will love it so much if little baby Carson is just the mild mannered kid that we didn’t get so far.  I mean, Kendra is good and listens (most of the time) but she is loud and rowdy too. 

I need to find some way to get through to Brady that hitting and biting and throwing are not the right thing to do.  He just has the worst temper.  I put him in timeout and he gets up right away.  We’ve battled for minutes about him being in timeout.  He just doesn’t get it.  I know he’s not two yet but come on.  He knows what we are saying…he knows everything else we are saying so you think he doesn’t know what No and Stop Hitting means?   Uh, huh.  He knows.  He’s so smart we’re in trouble! 🙂  Oh my.  I hope he can tame his temper when he gets older or we are going to have some issues.


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