A Day at the Mall

With Kevin gone and the weather horrible…and me not wanting to spend another day trapped inside with my kids…I decided to venture down to Concord Mills.  I haven’t been there is forever so found a lot of coupons for the stores there.  So, though we had to splash through the rain we made it and had a great day. 

I found a great pair of shoes that were supposed to be $60 and then $28 but ended paying only $21!  WOW!  And they are slip on tennis shoes so I don’t have to stretch my tummy anymore and are oh so comfortable.  We made several friends there today, or should I say Kendra did.  I stopped into a mall cuttery to get her hair trimmed and she talked it up with the stylist.  She told her she was “a trip,” and Kendra asked her what that was.  Cute huh?  I know I’m going to start hearing that around here.  Then we met some older ladies taking a break on the bench as we were snacking on cookies and frozen yogurt.  Betty and Nancy were there names and I will probably never forget that because Kendra was just talking away to them.  Asked them how old they were and everything…and they told her!  One of them was 80 and she looked great!  I only hope I am still getting around at 80.  🙂  Oh, and Kendra had to have asked 10 people (employees and customers) if they had Dorothy’s ruby slippers because that is what she was looking for.  She went through the whole mall asking people that.  We never did find any ruby slippers.

Brady was getting a little crazy in the stroller so I decided to stop by one of those play places that I never allow them to play on.  I figured we would just wash our hands after.  They actually had a great time and left when I was ready – no fussing!  I will definitely visit that indoor play place again but Kevin can run around after Brady next time! 

We’re back home now and Brady is napping and Kendra is singing her little heart out in her room.  Mommy…doing laundry.  Until next time…


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