Really? 8 more weeks is all

I was listening to a radio station yesterday when the DJ asked what “I” would be doing 4 weeks from that minute.  In a stupper I was thinking about what he was discussing and then realized that Thanksgiving is in four weeks.  OH.  Well, then I got to thinking. That means Christmas is right behind it.  AHHHHHHHHHHH! 

So, here is another To Do list from Santa mommy (In no particular order):

1) Paint a room for the kids (maybe)  (Not doing it!)
2) Move Brady and Kendra together  (DID IT!)
3) Get ready for baby
     -figure out car seat issue   (DID IT!)
     -get room ready at some point
     -prepare myself
4) Decide what cookies to make for exchange
5) Decide if I’m up to hosting a Christmas party this year (probably :-))  (YEP, YEP 19th!)
6) Finish present for family members (making something this year!)
7) Start Christmas shopping (Yeah I said it)
8 ) Decorate the house (will be interesting this year with Brady)

That is just a broad start to the list I know.  I kind of like it that way because then I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I wish I was one of those organized women and mommys.  I’m so not.  Don’t get me wrong, got good intention and try to find time but you know that they say…”The road to hell….”  lol  THREE.  What am I going to do??


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