All Aboard the Cockoo Train

Oh my word! So, and this is a big soooooo…last night we had a friend sleep over with Kendra. This was not the first time so it wasn’t really a problem until they decided to get out of the bed 7 times, after I put them to bed twice. I wasn’t sure F would make it through the night. She was the one who was up and I think she was just scared being in a strange place, though she has been here before. Finally at about 10:30 (I only guess because I was becoming delusional at that point) I heard our bedroom door open. It was F saying she wanted to go home and was scared. I had had it by this time but remained calm (could only be God). I took her upstairs to get her things from the guest bed and asked her if she wanted to sleep on the couch downstairs. She agreed to and as soon as she laid down I think she was out. Kendra in all of this was in her room crying because nobody would sleep with her. The story has so many parts I’m not telling them all! I just let her cry herself to sleep after I talked to her and made her feel okay.

Finally, quiet. The girls were asleep and I could go to sleep. I knew I had to get up for church and to get them ready so I wanted to get a good night sleep. HAHAHAHA What a fool I am to believe that! Not too long after my slumber was to begin I heard a thud above us. Yep, Brady’s room is there. He decided to make that night the night he started crawling or falling out of his crib! Cry, cry, cry I hear as I run upstairs. I put him back as he is mumbling and gibbering to me (yep, wide awake) and tuck him in. I go back to bed. A little while later I hear the paci hit the floor. See, I’ve done this long enough that I know every noise my child makes. Scary because I don’t get much sleep. Anyway, I know what is coming next. When that goes out he is awake and getting up. So, again I hear a thud. Up I go and this time I decide to rock him to see if he will fall asleep. That is no small task because he will not usually let you rock him or sit still long enough to be rocked. But, he abliged me for a while and then I laid him back in the crib.

I think I actually slept for about two hours, or three maybe, before I heard the pacifier hit the floor again. I was just hoping it was morning though I wasn’t ready to get up. He did it again and I was mad at this point. Not really but on the verge of screaming. I got up spouting I wasn’t going to church because I needed to sleep and these kids were driving me crazy! Oh, this was after I tried to wake Kevin up hoping he would get him and I wouldn’t have to get out of bed.

I got up and got Brady, bright eyed and bushy tailed at almost 7 o’clock. I took him to the bonus room in hoped he might return to bed if he laid with me. No such luck. He was ready to run a marathon. I don’t know how because he was up all night long. About 10 minutes later the door opened and it was Kevin. I told him to go back to bed and he told me to go, but at that point I was up. There was no way I could go back to sleep then. We ended up watching Seseame Street in Spanish and then Bob the Builder, eating a little and then the girls were up.

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the day without a nap, but somehow my body did it. I even took the kids for a walk this afternoon because Brady wanted to cry all day long. That’s not to say that I’m not going to pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Brady is now asleep (I hope) in his crib turned day bed with a bed rail on it and Kendra is slowly bouncing herself to sleep. Alls well that ends well. I pray that daddy and I remain sane because we have another boy coming and a teenage girl to raise!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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  1. Marcia

    Oh that sounds painful! I hope you get some good rest today. Mmm hmmm, I know… almost impossible. Could be you are feeling lazy b/c you are pg! Give yourself a break. You don’t have to do it all. You are mom to three and working hard at that. It’s exhausting!! If I can do it, seriously, anyone can! God has given me strength to do things and to have energy where I KNOW I wouldn’t have it on my own. He will do the same for you. Have no fear. I personally think that #3 is the easiest. You know what you are doing now and are more relaxed about some things. It will come naturally. I loved #3 b/c it was so easy for some reason. Ok, now reality check…he is three and driving me mad, but while he wasn’t walking it was a breeze! lol! I wish we lived closer so we could do coffee and rave about our crazy young’uns! Hugs!!!

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