Man I love Fall

There are so many activities I want to do now that fall is here.  The first I guess would be to get out my decorations.  Kendra loves to decorate.  We got into the attic the other day and pulled all of my fall things out.  Of course, they are still sitting in bradey’s closet!  Who has time!?

I have several projects I want to do this year and luckily, Kendra is big enough to enjoy them.  I think we may even go pick our pumpkins rather than buying them from the store.  I’ll just have to see about taking Brady or not.  Boy, he keeps me on my toes.  We’re going to make a pumpkin family to put in the front yard.  Kaye said it is going to be great to see my pregnant pumpkin.  If I can find a way to do it (and I know how but need to do that one closer to Halloween) without it melting, I will!  Can’t wait!

All the fairs and festivals should be starting up too.  I wonder if I can talk Kevin into going to some this year.  Guess I need to start filling up the calendar.  I’m trying to get motivated as I really want to gain more energy to play with the kids.  I’ve become very lazy and attribute that to staying home…and not doing anything.  It’s like you get into a rut and don’t want to get out.  It’s easier to sit around than to run up and down the driveway.  (I think I hear Brady waking up)  This is something I’m going to work on religiously now.  Gosh, with three children I won’t have any time to sit down most likely.  Got to get really organzied.

Until next time…


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