I Hate Being a Parent Sometimes

My child is still sitting upstairs crying and really, there is nothing I can do to make her feel better…other than to give her what she wants and I don’t want her to have it (candy).  I send her lunch to school and she ate half of it today.  So, I suppose she was hungry when she got home.  We’ve been home for an hour.  She has eaten a granola bar and a large banana.  Now she is asking for a peppermint or a sandwich.  However, what will happen if I keep giving her food (because I feel bad) is that she will NOT eat dinner.  We’ve been having this fight for 15 minutes now about her eating something.  How do you stop it?  How do you just walk away?  I have not mastered this in five years.  Did I give in too much before now.  She is relentless and it makes me so angry.  I remember now to calm down and either walk away, change the subject or continue to say no. 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  And yes, I still hear her upstairs crying.  I gave her a hug, told her mommy loves her and she will eat next time at dinner (because we are eating at church tonight).  She told me she wants to go live with someone else tomorrow!  I have to laugh but at the same time, doesn’t that break your heart.  Man, they know how to pull those strings. 

So please, if anyone is reading this and has advice – let me know!  I’ve read parenting book after parenting book and tried it all.  I haven’t found anything that works and apparently, I don’t have “the look” that my mom had!



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2 responses to “I Hate Being a Parent Sometimes

  1. cathy Anderson

    Several things to think about. How much time do they give the kids to eat? Sometimes they only have 15 minutes to eat and for little ones that is hard. She is also new to going to school and it may be sensory over load for her to eat a whole lunch with so many other kids. \Drew is a grazer and eats little bits all day. After school (before we started homeschooling) he would come home and eat another sandwich, as soon as he got home then a granola bar a little later and maybe a piece of fruit after that and still eat a good dinner.

    Look at the outside influence and see what triggers are happening.

  2. Marcia

    I totally get it Mel. I feel like that most days. I think what the difference is that we have strong willed kids. I was not a strongwilled child, but I have 2 of them (at least) now. They push even when they totally KNOW the answer. They will throw a fit even though they KNOW I will NOT cave. Before supper is a big deal here too. They can ask for candy but they will not get it. I have sometimes offered them veggies to eat while I make supper. I put it on the table and they can munch at it. Often, I offer a snack immediately after school and then have a cut off for when that is offered. If supper is at 5pm (usually), the cut off is 3;30pm and I make it a lite snack if it’s that late. If supper is later (after 6pm) then I offer a more hearty snack (muffin, yogurt, fruit) up until 4pm. I know if I don’t have a cut off they will not eat supper. Sometimes They won’t eat supper just b/c they don’t like it so they go hungry until breakfast. Not fun, but we pretty much stick to it. We often feel like we’re banging our head against the walls, but pray and hope it all works to their benefit (and ours) in the end. Hang in there girl!

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