An incident in the neighborhood?

Not really, but that is what the deputy said as he stood in my doorway yesterday.  Surprise to me when the doorbell rang and it was the sherriff dept.  I thought maybe they were coming around to collect money for something.  Nope.  Apparently some child from OUR house called 911…and from a cell phone!  Parents take warning.

As I’m listening to him tell me about this incident (in which I thought a child had been abducted or something), I’m starting to realize that he was saying Kendra (Brady was asleep) had called 911.  She came meandering down the stairs like she knew something was up.  I asked her had she been playing with the phone and she said yes.  I then asked her what phone.  See, Kevin was home working upstairs so I figured it was not a house phone.  She kept saying her phone and the only thing that entered my mind was the cell phone my mother had given her a couple of years ago.  Yes, that long.  I asked her to go get it and sure enough, it was the cell phone. 

The cop and I stood there wondering how the phone worked because I knew and told him the service had been cancelled a long time ago.  He just shrugged his shoulders.  He called back to dispatch to see if she could call into the number, but of course she said no because it was a disconnected line.  DUHHHH.  Still didn’t explain to us idiots how you could call 911.  I just assume they will always work to call out as long as you have a method to pay for it and that 911 will always work.  I thought it was interesting that they picked up the signal from here though.  They knew to come to our house from a cell phone.  WOW!  Technology.  As he was leaving he mentioned this might be a good time to talk to her about the importance of 911 and when to call.  I laughed to myself!  She obviously knows how!!  hahaha  yeah, yeah but about only in emergencies…got it covered. wink.  Then he mentioned something about maybe taking the battery out of the cell phone!  lol

To wrap it up, she asked me for two hours after if I was mad and hid behind a chair from her dad!  You’d think we lock her in a closet or something…we DON’T!  We both told her it was “kind” of funny and talked to her about when to call 911. 

…and then we ate shrimp!  Another perfect ending to a perfect day! lol


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One response to “An incident in the neighborhood?

  1. Dana

    Crazy story! And yes I’ve seen her locked in the closet.. You’re sooo evil to her. 🙂 LOL. Poor thing. Good lesson to share with everyone.

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