What to do?

I have so much I want to do now that I feel better but can’t seem to do any of it.  Well, the kids are both an excuse I use.  It’s hard to get things done when they want to do their thing.  We actually played outside for three hours this morning and I got to mow the backyard.  Front yard will have to wait.  Things I want or need to do:

1. Mow front yard
2. Clean the kitchen
Did I mention this is mostly things that many don’t find fun or wanting to do! HA
3. Clean K’s bathroom
4. Wash clothes
5. Clean out my car
6. Mop the floors after vacumming
7. Make grocery list (school lunch stuff)
8. Go through kid stuff for consignment sale at church (this will be on the agenda for several weeks)
9. Take a nap (I’ll hopefully get this in today!)
10. Plant my flowers I’ve had for two weeks (they’re dying now)
…… Does it ever end.

I just really don’t want to do any of that right now.  God give me the energy to do something please.

Oh, and I wasn’t planning to but K’s has another orientation at school tonight and I think I may take her during the later part to see her room.  Kev has school so little man will not be happy to sit there for an hour with me and Kendra. 

A tired mommy…


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