Short Stories…about Brady!

I was laying down, briefly, on the couch and heard him pushing his music table across the floor.  He used to push it back in forth in his room.  Imagine hearing this for the first time in our bedroom, right under his.  Loud to say the least!  But, he keeps busy. 

Anyway, I heard him pushing it out toward the hallway.  He gets it to his door and I hear him grunting, trying to get it over the threshhold.  He’s a pretty clever boy so what came next did not surprise me.  Yep, he picked the whole thing up and sat it in the hall.  He continued to push it until he reached the edge of the rug…and then picked it up again to put it on the rug.  I just laughed.  He is so smart and soooo strong. This is not a tiny table.  I’m going to try to take a picture next time he is doing this.  Oh, he was taking it into his sisters room where they play most of the time.  He did manage to get it to her door and then I guess lost interest. HA


Today Brady, like usual, picked up a handful of food (pretzels) and threw them on dining room floor.  Gave him something to do.  I trained him a while ago to throw things away when he is told. So, I asked him to pick them up and throw them away.  Of course I have to say this 10 times softly and slowly for him to start.  So, he starts picking them up one by one and taking them into the kitchen to throw them in the trashcan.  Then I noticed when he had about 10 left that he was eating them as well.  So, I thought he was just going to eat the rest.  He would disappear for a second or two and then come back and pick up another and take a bite.  I realized at that point that he was still throwing them in the trash but he was taking a bite of each one before he threw them away!  Too funny. 


Things that still amaze me about him:

1-He can push any piece of furniture (just about) that we have in this house.
2-He knows how to get anything he wants (and I mean HE gets it).
3-He would rather play with the kitchen cabinet doors and what is inside rather than his toys.
4-He listens better than my 5th graders used to.
5-He knows everything we say to him even though he doesn’t want to talk yet.
6-He loves his sister a lot


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