Things That Make You Go WAHHHH

Last night our church service was great, as usual.  Mike Smith did his thing since PD was gone and though his wife might have said it was a “downer,” Kevin and I took a lot from it. 

During the service one of our members stopped Mike with a prayer request.  We don’t usually do that (though I kind of wished we would sometimes) so it was profound.  This request came from a great grandmother out of the group our member was with.  The request was for her 4 month old grandson, yes 4 month old.  I began to tear up without even hearing the problem.  Well, apparently the little angel has contacted meningitis.  Interestingly, our member had lost his sight years ago from that disease so I know this request hit home with him.  With tears streaming down my face I began to pray as the church did. 

Those moments just make me think about the little miracle inside my tummy.  What if?  Gosh, you could paralyze yourself with what ifs everyday, every moment.  I just pray that God answers our prayers and that this little guy is healed right now.  God bless your little soul.


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