Quiet on the Homefront

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Peace and quiet.  I’m trying to remember this and pray that someone finds a way to bottle it for the future!

My mom and dad have taken Kendra to the beach for the whole week.  I actually dropped her off Friday with mom.  Kevin has taken Brady to the pool for a little daddy/Brady time.  I didn’t feel like getting wet tonight so stayed home. 

Sitting out on the front porch this morning just made me think about how wonderful we have it.  I really felt like I was on vacation, even having to make sure Brady stayed within our sights.  He likes to run around to the garage, never stays in one place.  I just love our home and neighborhood.  We are blessed to have a wonderful family and all the things that God provides.  We had a fabulous church service this morning and if I got anything out of it it was that true happiness lies with God…not things.  We strive to have what the next person has or that make a “seemingly” happy life for ourselves.  Those are just created moments, fleeting and probably not real.  Only He can provide our true happiness. 

I love these quiet moments where I can ponder back to the greatest things in life…or at least the best thing I heard that day!


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