Oh the puffs…oh my stomach!

So, I’ve been making cream puffs (without the cream) since Monday.  I usually have no problem baking and love to do it.  That’s why I said I would bake 400 (WOW!) puffs for Jaq’s wedding Saturday.  I’m not complaining at all…but I have a problem.  The smell of these is making me sick…haha…from the pregnancy!  This baby doesn’t like dough apparently.  I don’t think I will be baking much of anything for the rest of this pregnancy.

The funny thing is, I was nauseous for a little while when pregnant with Brady and it seems to be the same with this one.  I think I only got sick a couple of times at night but that was it.  I just can’t stand feeling this way because I don’t want to eat, but I’m hungry.  I don’t want to cook anything.  It was the same way the first time.  We’ve eaten out almost everyday the last two weeks.  See, it’s starting already!


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