It’s Official: I have a 5 week little bean

May 25th 2009:

I took my first test on May 18th.  It was positive.  I took another two days later and it was, of course, positive too.  It seemed that they didn’t come up as fast as the one with Brady and they weren’t as dark. I was having some uneasy feelings so I just wanted to test one more time with a drug store test.  So, I wasn’t planning on buying one since I know the others were fine and they were free…but Kevin wanted to see a “real” one as he put it.  🙂  I went out one night while he was gone and bought it, did it and it was + too.  Who’d have guessed! lol

So, we decided not to tell anyone this early.  I don’t know why, but I felt uneasy about it this time.  It is kind of funny because I don’t have any symptoms yet and I don’t think I did this early with B either.  I would love for this to continue.  With B, I was just extremely tired for a  few months.  I’m not sure that would work out so good though with a toddler on the move. 

I’ve just decided to take it day by day and give it up to the Big Man.  It made me feel much better praying with Kevin the other night and in church Sunday.  It definitely put me at ease.  I haven’t even decidede what doctor I’m going to go to…but most don’t see you around here until the 12th or 14th week…I know…seems so long.   I’ll decided in the next two weeks most likely but I’m not stressing about it this time.  It seems like I wanted everything to go just right the first time and I wanted everything lined up…I’m just going to take it easy this time and enjoy the experience.


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