Holding back the tears

Kendra is growing up so fast.  We were just talking last night about how we don’t remember her toddler days.  Brady just seems to have been a baby so long.  Of course, he’s not talking so I guess that has something to do with it.  Kendra talked before age 1 and she has always seemed like an old soul. 

She is getting ready to start kindergarten, we hope.  She actually goes for testing tomorrow at a local Christian school.  I’m pretty sure she will already have made the grade because she’s such a smartie. 

She attended that last day carnival at Mt. Zion a week or so ago.  It was bitter sweet. I kept thinking that this is the last days at Mt. Zion but we will have two more little ones going through there should God allow.  I digress.  She and Brady had such a great time at the Y for the last day.  The lunch after was awesome and as tired as I was after running after Brady all day, it really was a great day.

jumpin', jumpin', jumpin'
jumpin’, jumpin’, jumpin’

 lastdaycarnival 007


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