All the pretty maids

Dress Up Day
Dress Up Day
Kendra had a friend over this weekend and then Emma came over too.  This was right before they went to the birthday party.  We had a busy day but it was so much fun!  It was so funny to watch them prancing around.  Emma tried on several of Kendra’s dress up clothes and of course they didn’t really fit her.  This is a 8 year old trying to fit in 4 year old clothes, pretty funny.  She finally put on a rain coat but before doing so pose for a few pics.  They were so cute.  You just can’t pass up these opportunities.  I also got a couple of my mom with Brady.  I was just in a picture taking mood this weekend.  Surprisingly, they all came out pretty great. 

Mom and My Baby

Emma in Pose                                                                                         

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