Whatchamadoodle getting married…

I don’t think so.  I just had to write this to keep it as a memory.  I don’t remember being this way when I was four.  Anyway, so here’s the story:

A couple of months ago Kendra came home talking about who was getting married to who at pre-school.  I was thinking, “What?”  Yeah, A is marrying J and O is marrying L.  So who is Kendra marrying?  Geesh I couldn’t keep up with the weddings!  So, now she is into watching Nanny McPhee and she has memorized the whole movie and every name in the movie.  All I have heard all day is, “Mom, I want to marry Simon.  Or I could marry Derek.”  AHHHHHHHH!  Simon and Derek have to do everything we are doing too.  I seriously about pulled my hair out because she said Simon and Dereks names at least 50 times in 5 minutes!  I feel bad that I want to throw this movie out the window hoping it lands in the neigbors pool but, come on.  I don’t want to poop on her spirit or take the innocent play away from her.  I am SOOOOOO tired of hearing about this movie though.

To add to that, when we were coming home from my bible study after lunch today she wanted to marry G.  He’s the cute little boy of a church friend.  If you are reading this Carrie…run!  Hid him.  I think my daughter has hit puberty early!  FUNNY!  I’m laughing, but oh my.  Kids are funny and I hope this is a phase or we are going to be in deep trouble.  So, I’m talking to her about Jesus and hoping that she just starts thinking about being good and not about getting married.  I know you are all laughing at this point.  Shusshhh!  What else do you do? 

I hope that Simon and Derek find their way home soon or I may just have to move out.  There will be way too many men in this house!


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