10 Random Thoughts

1) How can you NOT believe in a higher power? Have you read the evidence?

2) I have too many plants in my yard…but I love all of them even though my allergies are killing me!

3) I can do anything I put my mind to, if I could only get my mind out of bed.

4) It’s not the size of the clothes your wearing, but the image you portray while wearing them. Love your body!

5) Everything I see I want. WOW, just opened. Look it up. WOW! When will I ever stop wanting? I don’t need anymore “stuff.” Guess it’s time to get on my knees!

6) How small will the smallest computer be?

7) I have K’s post meeting with the testing admin. tommorrow. She will pass with flying colors!

8) I love my church!

9) Bartering? Hum. I wonder if people will resort to this in this economic crunch?

10) My purpose in life…



to be continued!


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