Yard Work: Slowly but surely

So, I started doing some work in our flower beds since the fam is gone.  The lady who lived here prior loved her flowers, trees, bushes…you name it.  And I am having a, hum; what’s the word for it…well let’s just say, hard time (for lack of better word) taking out bulbs, grass and other stuff that is overrun, not blooming, too deep and in the wrong spot.  Tired is what I am BUT I love working in the yard.  I just take a lot to breaks. 

Here is a pic of the pile of daffodils I took out of one bed…daffodils
yeah, there are plenty more to still do… (right)


I also took out a ton of hyacinths from the mailbox area and some monkey grass?  Why do you suppose they call it that? (below)





Even though everyone is gone, I still got a little help.  bodiehelp1
Bodie just couldn’t help it.  He was right by my side helping me take out each of the flowers and the grass.  He was trying to tell me
something I think, but I just couldn’t understand him. I hope it
wasn’t too important!


After trying to remove the bulbs from around that tree, and that was no easy feat, I decided to take on the monkey grass around the sidewalk.  I am thus, after removing three large clumps, taking a break and writing this up while resting.


    I now probably need to go finish up what I want to do today.  It is 3:00 and the day is getting later.  Wait, what do I care?  Nobody is here and I don’t HAVE to do anything! HAHA  Well, there are a few more things that need to planted…somewhere.


AND, yes the beds are still a mess and I have bulbs everywhere.
I’m hoping that some people from church will want some of this.
I’ll post final pics. when we get everything done.  We still need to get the leaves out and mulch.  That won’t be done this weekend.

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