It Just Hit Me

I went to my first womens bible study today at church.  I enjoyed being in the company of other women and adults.  We watched a movie in the series, “Fight Like a Girl” and it was quite amusing but made a good impact.  I came home and told Kevin what we discussed briefly and then left to take the kids to mom.  I thought here and there about what we discussed in the class and more so just really enjoyed talking to others about the same stuff I go through.  However, in just thinking about those things it brought up other things I have been thinking about.  Things I think I am going to talk to PD about, just to get his take.  This church, the ministry that we found in it has been so profound in our lives in these few months.  I’ve never felt so accepted and joyful about another church.  From the first day at WHWC we felt at home.  I know we will continue to build the rooms of our “new home” year by year. 

Oh, I also had another ah ha moments coming home tonight as I was listening to “I Will Rise” a song I love.  Misty actually sang it in church last week and I was just singing along and swaying.  People were crying and it was so overwhelming…I digress.  Tonight when I heard it for the first time I was able to sing it out loud (screaming really) without crying…until I got to the last verse.  I got it.  I get it.  On my knees.  I will rise.  I will rise.


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