Betty Crocker he ain’t

Well, I don’t claim to be Betty Crocker but most people who eat my food say it’s pretty good.  I was just thinking about what to have for dinner tonight.  I dislike trying to figure out what to cook on the nights Kev is at school because I know K isn’t going to meet much so I’m pretty much cooking for me.  I have never mastered cooking a good meal for just one…meaning we always have leftovers.

Well, this brought me back to thinking about mychildhood and when my dad would have to feed me.  I guess I was thinking about what Kevin would eat and what he would feed the kids if I was out twice a week.  He made a comment today, and I’m not discredited you honey (if you are reading this, that we need to not buy macaroni because there are better things to feed our children.  He said K eats tomatoes and apples, which she does but I think she needs to get some protein in there…hence the mac and cheese.  Of course our discussion went further and to not bore the crap out of you I’ll stop there.  However, why is it that men don’t seem to know how to cook for kids (though I have that prob. myself too)?  Taking it a step further, do they know how to “cook” food at all…like for a family?  Maybe it is because society depicts this as a womans role.  I know there are men who cook, so I know they can.  Take Curtis (now he has some buns!).  I know there are some women who don’t.  I guess they have to find a man that does, or just eat out a lot.  I digress, I wondered what my husband would feed my kids, say,  if I were gone for a week.  Bringing back my father into question.  When mom had to work late, I knew I was eating out or eating..dun, dun, dunnnn…hot dogs.  Whew Who!  Why is that all my dad could fix when I was a child?  It’s funny and I laugh now because I have seen him cook chili, hamburgers and other stuff that I most likely would have eaten.  We frequented Hardee’s a lot, almost enough to have bought stock and done real well.  Maybe that is why I don’t really eat there much as an adult.  Anyway, I just think this is an interesting concept and one that should be explored further.  My opinion, I think they don’t do it because they think if we knew they could, we’d make them do it!  What are your thoughts?

On that, I think we will be getting take out tonight! 🙂


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