Is this the beginning…

I so hope not.  When I took B to the doctor last week, I also took the medical form K would need to get filled out to start kindergarten.  I didn’t bother to look at what the nurse filled out until two days ago.  I was reading and then noticed on the back page where there is a spot for additional comments (from her med. history) she jotted down about K being adopted and her birthmothers situation.  First, the issue of why or how S had to giver her up is not something we are ever going to tell her.  We’ve told her that S was sick and knew mommy and daddy could give her a great life.  That’s our plan until, if ever, she gets old enough to understand and asks anymore.  Secondly, why does the school need to know she is adopted?  They can’t look at her and see her different skin or more importanly, why the heck is that their business?  At any rate, I thought about whiting it out because it is not pertinent info. in my opinion and I also would like to discuss that with the nurse.  K’s doctor was not there that day so I know she did not do it.  Don’t you think she could have talked to me about it first?  I know we will most likely confront things we are going to be ready for and not ready for but I really didn’t expect it to start this soon.  We’re already dealing with K realizing she is not “exactly” like us.  This is going to be interesting.  I’m already scoping out some forums online to talk to other parents in this same situation.


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  1. Beth

    Hey Melissa. I ran across this blog by accident. I was looking for your email address. Anyway, without going into lots of details here, Ronnie and I raised our niece for 10 years. From the time she was 4 until she was 14. It was very difficult to let her go, (she is 15 now) which is why I don’t talk about it much. But I would not change it. I have no idea what the situation was with the birth mother in K’s situation, but if was anything like in my Ks. Her mother was a drug addict and put her children in many many dangerous situations. So, the school and her doctors office needed to know about this to better understand her behaviors and she was actually given drugs as an infant so her mother could go out partying. There are so many things that happened to her as an infant and toddler that could and did have lasting effects. So, while its really not anyones business that K is adopted, those in the medical field and caring teachers should be aware of things that could require special attention.

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