Great Love

Kevin and I have been watching a movie over the last couple of nights. I learned that you have to do that sometimes when you have two little ones. It’s about the only way we can see a movie these days, to split it up that is.

Anyway, we watched Fireproof and I have to say that it has opened my eyes – widely. I have a newfound LOVE this morning and I think my life will be changing. I have had several ah ha moments when I knew I had God in my life but now I looked at it so differently. I look at my family and life differently and most of all – myself.

I remember when I was younger and also first married wondering if God was in my life. I was trying to find myself and did everything to help myself out. I never asked for help because I really didn’t understand that it was there if I would just ask. Looking back, I remember the times where God moved in my life and I know that I was asking Him for help in my own but secretly. I guess I thought I couldn’t be open with it. He is so great and loves us so much. You just have to know.

This movie should be shown to every church, everyone that will see it. I truely believe it has a little bit of everyone in it and everyone could see themselves within it. I loved it and I would definitely see it again. It will just reaffirm everything I have grown to know.

God is Great!


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