A little unexpected

Today when I visited our next door neighbor, I told her that she could tell her bf (used to live in our home) that if she wanted any of the flowers she planted, I would split them and she could have them. We bought this house as a foreclosure and these people actually built the house. It was their home for 18 years. Though when I first moved in and found out they were at a party we attended (we didn’t know who they were), I felt a little guilty. Of course, we didn’t make them lose their home so I got over that after I thought about it. However, today when she came over to see what I wanted to get rid of or give her I invited her in. I then began to think, “does she like what we did?” I then went on to tell her what our plans were for renovating the house. As an after thought I probably shouldn’t have said anything but I did tell her how much we love the house and being here. She was pleased to hear that. I was just a little taken aback during the visit with what to say and Kevin wasn’t here. He always seems to smooth things over well in those types of circumstances. I think it went pretty well. I’ll have to ask S tomorrow if L said anything.

I’m hungry now so I guess I should find something to munch on. Chinese would be good…kids are in bed though and Kevin is out and on his bike. Darn. Settle for veggies and dip I suppose.


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