Going, Going….Gone

I’m sad to see all of these stores closing. Some of my friends were just talking about a pastry shop they frequented in closing it’s doors, or did actually. So, I’m wondering what other stores are closing that I don’t know about, seeing as how I haven’t “really” shopped in some time. I just went online to update my links page here and found out that one of my favorite kids stores in closing – Baby Style. ARGHHH! This economy has got to pick up soon. I’m not sure that I understand what the Obama administration is doing to get us stimulated, so they call it. Handing out money left and right is not going to put people back to work. I think they tried to hop on this too soon without thinking about the real issues, the real concerns and all the families in the US that need help right now. A thousand dollars isn’t going to last many families that long and so many families are already in the rears that much.

I don’t know the answer however, I think the media should stop talking all the gloom and doom and start a collective consciousness of wealth and spending. When are we going to realize that we hold our future in our hands and and even bigger, our minds. Good bye Baby Style…I will miss you. 😦


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