Mundane Mondays

Yeah, there is no such thing as mundane here in our home…well, that’s not exactly true.  But this monday wasn’t exactly what I would call mundane at least.  Brady decided to get sick over the weekend and he was running a fever.  Funny, I have never seen a kid who still goes and goes when they don’t feel good.  He seemed to breeze through the “heat” while mommy was worrying about what was wrong.  Daddy was in school, Monday you know, and I had to yet again brace for putting both kids to bed.  I used to crindge at the thought but it has somehow gotten easier over the last year.  (And what they say about going from one to two is true!  Listen to your friends!)  I ended up putting B to bed early after his bath because nothing I did made him happy.  I then felt bad because daddy called and said he was coming home early from school!  YAHH but he wouldn’t get to see Brady.  😦  The night ended well.  I played Memory with Kendra as we do at least twice a day (AHHHH!) and daddy and mommy fell asleep together.

I love Mundane Mondays.  I know the rest of the week will get crazy so I bow to the beginning of the week and embrace what it holds. These days with two kids, two cats and a crazy family I wonder how I still have hair on my head!  I have to say I have managed to help myself, with a little suggesting from one great hubby, and have the most wonderful kids in the world.  Bring on the rest of the week!


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