Eat Moooore Chickin’

Hey, I LOOOOVVVEEEE Chik fil A and not because you should eat more chicken but because – They are so freakin’ nice!

I know it is their motto to be super nice to the customer but sometimes it just makes you appreciate the sentiment.  I don’t know a chik fil a that has never gone out of their way to be nice, and I mean any employee there that is.  Today I was just craving breakfast there and the simple, “It was a pleasure to serve you,” I got at the drive through window made me smile all the way home.  They just make you feel so good.  There was some movie we watched last summer I think that had a “validation” guy in the parking lot.  Well, people always went to him to get, well um, “validated.”  Chik fil a is like that.  You can’t leave there without being sort of validated in a sense.  And while I’m spitting out compliments about them…right after I had Brady I went to the one by Concord Mills.  I had him in the baby carrier and Kendra too (wild as always).  One of the ladies who worked there carried my tray to the table for me and then, she saw me looking around for something and came over to ask if I needed anything…that she noticed I looked as if I needed something.  I did indeed, ketchup or something like that I think. I just felt so good when I left there.  I just love the employees at chik fil a and what the company stands for.  If you don’t know, read up on it.

Oh, and eat more chicken!

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